The following is an academic/teaching portfolio created during the senior year of the students in the Liberal Studies Program at California State University San Bernardino as part of their capstone course, CAL 5900. Its purpose is to collect, organize, and showcase work and skills that have developed while attending CSUSB. It is structured in a way that items can be added or eliminated in order to utilize it for job seeking or graduate programs purposes. These portfolio’s include reflective essays, narratives, artifacts, professional documents, and letters of recommendation intended to provide a detailed account of qualifications, reputation, abilities, and goals.

This specific portfolio serves as a representation of my current teaching philosophy, strategies, and achievements. It is a testament of the commitment and dedication to continue learning, self-improvement, and development of my educational approach that will embrace diversity, motivation, and collaboration. As you read through this portfolio, you will gain an understanding of the transformative improvement during my time at California’s State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) and how it has helped mold me into the person and educator I am today.

You are encouraged to approach this portfolio with an open mind and willingness to learn about my experiences as an individual, a student, and prospective educator. Each part of this portfolio offers valuable insights into my point of view on education, personal growth, and evolving understanding of the world. By engaging with my story, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the difficulties and rewards of the educational process and the importance of fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all.

Throughout this portfolio, I have wholeheartedly worked to organize my experiences, insights, and personal growth to create a rich tapestry of my knowledge and understanding. The works showcase my progression through various stages in my academic career, shedding light on the challenges and victories I have encountered along the way. Key themes that become apparent from these pieces include the importance of self-reflection, mentorship, community engagement, work-life balance, resilience, diversity, and collaboration.

When you view this portfolio, my hope is that you will not only gain an understanding of my personal journey but also be inspired to reflect on your own experiences and the impact it has had on your life. By doing so, you may discover new perceptions that can improve your understanding of the world and inform your own approach to education and personal growth regardless of your background or where you are in life at the moment. As you dive into my story, consider the transformative power of education, the complex nature of the learning process, and the opportunities that arise when one is determined to succeed. My experiences illustrate the value I place in education and the impact it has had in my personal life and teaching philosophy I as I take the role of an educator.

Finally, this portfolio serves as an inspiring and thought-provoking account of my journey towards personal and professional growth. As you engage with this piece, I hope you encounter my experiences and insights in such a way that they inform and inspire your own understanding of this world and consider how my dedication to growth and learning can serve as a model for anyone’s personal and professional development. Embrace this opportunity to explore the difficulties of the educational process, life struggles, and the ways in which individuals can overcome and evolve through an academic journey.