PLO 7: Diversity

Understand the value of and contribute to an understanding of the vitality, advancement, and conservation of our culturally, linguistically, socioeconomically, and geographically diverse, yet, globally connected society.

Artifact 6 is the final essay created for CAL 2970. This assignment meets the criteria of PLO 7 because it focuses on the value and understanding of the vitality, advancement, and conservation of the cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic, geographically diverse, with addition and despite of the global connectedness there is in society. This essay was based on a book by Paulo Frieri named The Pedagogy of the Oppressed. The assignment was the perfect combination of the components seen in the world of diversity we live in. It focuses on the author's (my own) experiences of oppression and reflects on the roles played while also being an oppressor. It was an opportunity to evaluate how these experiences have affected my own life through the educational system, discrimination based on language, and the pressures to conform to foreign ideals. However, it was excruciating to realize that I have been a part of the oppressive club even if those actions were done unconsciously. By now we know that the world is filled with diversity. An arrangement of different beliefs, customs, environments, and opportunities. Through the reading and the group discussions we learned that status, language, culture, and location can impact how people are treated. How people go about it depends on their beliefs and goals. Either way, somehow, some way, the world is connected. What occurs in one location is bound to affect another.

This controversial topic was helpful to discuss with our groups. There was a point where peer review was necessary to revise and complete the final version of this essay. Throughout our discussions, we were able to incorporate additional ideas and make connections with the experiences others faced. We learned through this assignment that there are many components that fit in with diversity. There are many similarities that oppressed people go through because Briceño 47 of their culture, language, socioeconomic status, geographic location which indirectly connects them. The same goes for those who are the oppressors. This world is filled with so much richness in diversity. So much that we would have a deeper understanding and empathy if we learned to listen and embrace the strengths that each group is able to convey.