PLO 6: Applied Knowledge/Theory and Practice/Research

Demonstrate the ability to conduct meaningful research with competency and proficiency while utilizing properly cited critical and information literacies that result in synthesis of process, creative problem solving, and the ability to move between discipline specific, trans/interdisciplinary, integrative, and collaborative approaches.

Artifact 5 is a project for EDMS 3010 that I worked on with my partner Samantha Delgado. Both my partner and I wanted to learn more about the factors that lead to decreased motivation in children.This assignment meets the criteria for PLO 6 which includes applied knowledge/theory and practice, and practice research. For the aspect of information literacy, this project required a large amount of research using scholarly sources and peer reviewed articles that were up to date and related to a topic of our choice. Knowing the importance of academic integrity, we made sure to properly cite and give credit to those whose work we analyzed and evaluated. Critical thinking skills were needed to research the sources and compare the arguments while being quick to disregard any type of biases. This skill required lots of discussions, evaluations of new sources and perspectives, assessing the facts, and questioning the arguments. We used our creative problem solving skills to propose possible solutions and think outside the box. We collaborated by integrating both of our research findings and blending them together. Since this assignment was based on the area of education, we made sure to include other fields that would support and address the dilemma we faced. We understood that the integration of such disciplines was necessary to conduct this research and explore the strengths that each one of them provided to this topic. Doing so, also helped to put together the synthesis process. In the end, we were able to create an argument that supported the various pieces of evidence and satisfied the questionable factors. For the final step of this project, we decided to work as a team to create a PowerPoint with a video which we used to present for the class and eventually uploaded into a popular online platform.

This assignment was the most challenging one out of all the assignments we worked on in that course. It was the major piece which we were allowed to work towards alone or with a partner/s. The topic of the assignment was not difficult to come up with since it is a subject that I have always been interested in. As a student who enjoys learning and going to school, I could not get past the thought that my own children dreaded their education and so I questioned the factors behind that motivation. What I found challenging was the fact that we had to use so many sources and on top of that, we had to find peer reviewed sources which were new to me. It was helpful to work alongside a classmate that I was familiar with and one who enjoyed the topic that we chose. The process was long and there were lots of moments that we thought we would not find any answers or possible solutions to say the least. It took a lot of reading, discussions, and re evaluations to finally come up with a piece of work that had meaningful value and could contribute to the knowledge of the classroom as a whole.