PLO 5: Professionalization

Preparation to include the creation and demonstration of innovative lesson plans, where appropriate, along with a completed resume, curriculum vitae, letters of interest, cover letters, and letters of recommendation. Professionalization preparation is also to include participation in an international/multicultural immersion experience and verified examples of leadership, service, and collaborative endeavors.

Artifacts 4a, 4b, and 4c combined meet the criteria for the professionalization of PLO 5. It demonstrates the ability to create innovative lesson plans and professional documents. Both the lesson plans and portfolio are easily accessible and visibly pleasing. The portfolio is thoroughly organized and highlights the skills, experience, and qualifications that are needed as a professional. The lesson plans are examples that are carefully planned out and follow the state standards respectfully. The individual lesson plan includes international and multicultural activities which create awareness and incorporate culturally responsive teaching. They describe an event influenced by cultural perspective and allow the students to make a connection between their own and other cultures. The collaborative lesson plan allowed the leading role of an activity but also collaborated with a partner to come up with a lesson that would be completed in a timely manner, include objectives, are relevant to the subject presented, and are compliant.

This PLO is the most challenging of all. This is because the portfolio itself is time consuming and takes a lot of analyzing, evaluation, and support. The professional aspect is extremely useful especially since I am a first generation college student with no prior experience or professional familiarity with many of the items in this portfolio. I am lucky enough to have amazing teachers and classmates who are not only readily available but have been some of the most supportive people throughout this last semester. I am not surrounded by professionals in my family, but I am well aware of the effort and commitment that it takes to work on becoming one. This has been by far the most rewarding experience while also being one that I have stressed over. Overall, gathering these documents together has prepared me for what is to come. The day when I get an interview and I am able to relate to the audience that I am more than qualified. I will be able to share some of the work that I have done. What I have learned from it and how it will be useful.