PLO 4: Communication

Display the ability to articulate and effectively connect across multiple audiences while justifying perspectives with sensitivity and awareness through verbal, non-verbal, written, non-written, digital, and other multimodal communicative approaches.

Artifact 3 is a GEOG 3605 lesson plan which includes a written portion, powerpoint, and YouTube video. It meets the criteria for PLO 4 since it connects to different audiences using multiple communicative approaches such as verbal, non-verbal, written, non-written, and multimodal. It was important to consider and be sensitive while connecting with multiple audiences. Throughout the planning of this lesson, communication was the most important aspect to keep in mind and is shown in every aspect of this lesson. The chosen language is clear and coherent. It can be understood by children and adults from various populations. Since the publication was done on YouTube, those who are hard of hearing can also opt for using captions to understand what is being described. We can see the verbal, spoken language communicated with the students in the video but viewers can also get a sense of the speaker talking with them as they watch the video. The non verbal and written communication can be seen in the written portion, activities, and powerpoint. The video and powerpoint are both digital, and the activities were made to meet the needs of multiple learning modalities. It was important to showcase a variety of examples relevant to the lesson. These examples included visual aids such as maps, images that represented the terms, and examples of the activities. These aids were included to help convey a clearer message of the lesson. Similarly, the powerpoint was included to help make those connections through an organized set of visuals with descriptions. The video itself was a way to make the lesson interactive by engaging with those involved during the recording and the viewers who would eventually access it. Overall, this artifact covers a wide range of communicative approaches.

While making this PLO, I evaluated all the work that went into the creative process of this assignment. It was definitely planned on the basis of communicating and evaluating the understanding of this lesson. After the lesson was taught, I would be able to evaluate whether or not the students understood the concept of the US states and capitals. Their understanding of my language could be assessed through the work they turned in by following the directions, using the proper terms, and identifying the answers and locations that were in question. It was a learning experience since I had to consider the multimodal approaches that there are. Some people are visual learners, others learn by hearing, some learn by interacting, and others by writing. This concept is beneficial since it will help meet the needs of the diverse learners in our classrooms. On a different note, I remember being extremely nervous about this assignment. I believe other than Sunday school, this was the first lesson that I created and taught. There are many components of this lesson that I would address differently, but as a future educator, I’m sure that I will run into the same issues. Every lesson is a learning experience and using videos to record the lesson is a helpful way to improve our teaching skills and knowledge of the subjects we will be teaching.