PLO 3: Community Engagement, Leadership, and Service Learning

Demonstrate a desire to effect positive social change through enacted leadership and advocacy by way of community engagement, service learning, and the practice of compassionate emotional intelligence as an intellectually independent and accountable professional who embodies the practice of responsibility for participation for lifelong learning.

Artifact 2 is a group project for CAL 2970 worked on during the fall of 2021. This assignment meets all the criteria for the PLO 3 including community engagement, leadership, service learning, and interpersonal skills that can be identified throughout the assignment. This assignment allowed us to connect with our community by providing a video that people can access to learn about a feature at CSUSB but also how the bookstore serves a need for the community. Using this idea, we were able to demonstrate how the bookstore works as a meeting spot, an inquiry ground, and a source for supporting even local publishers such as some professor’s work. We can see that the video has a total of 60 views which means that it has been useful to some people. By choosing to participate in this video, we were able to demonstrate empathy towards one another and showed leadership skills when taking charge of our individual roles one at a time. This can be seen in the division of work that was distributed and the action taken as we took charge of a specific situation. This was extremely beneficial since we all gained communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills.

This group project was a great way to improve leadership skills since we divided the lead position every time we met to take charge of the work for that day. Giving back to our community was a special experience since many of us found that our work was helping the university to promote their services but also informing those seeking to find information that we could provide at no cost. This experience made us feel like professionals and gave us a sense of learning through serving by promoting compassionate, intellectual, and emotional intelligence as lifelong learners that can share ideas, create innovative work, and inspire through collaboration and community engagement.