PLO 2: Artistic Expression

Display an appreciation of and participation in creative, performing, and visual artistic pursuits in order to develop an aesthetic awareness and a sense of artistic and intellectual property to include a public performance, exhibition, publication, or broadcast.

Artifact 2 is a group project for CAL 2970 worked on during the fall of 2021. This assignment meets all the criteria for the PLO 2, artistic expression. This criteria includes creativity, performance, visual artistic pursuit, exhibition, and publication. All of which can be seen in the video which was published on the online platform YouTube. Our group collaborated and participated in the design, performance, narration, editing, and uploading of the project. We decided on using a platform that is accessible to most and is incredibly popular. The narration was displayed to show each individual's personality and artistic awareness. We designed the video to make the viewer seem like they are taking a walk through it with the narrator because we wanted to incorporate interesting shots and angles that would portray this concept and make it seem realistic. The role of the sound effects portray a peaceful mood that we thought would be appropriate considering the building used and audience that we might to attract. We also worked with someone who had more experience and learned how to create transitions that would be visibly appealing. Instead of recording ourselves narrating while we took the video, we opted for using voice overs and attaching them to the video file once we knew what our timings required. Similarly, the platform we used allowed us to provide caption for the viewers who might want it due to their need or preference. Lastly, after finalizing the video and upload, we made sure to ask for permissions and gave credit to sources respectfully because we understood the importance of the work done by each person and material that we did not come up with ourselves.

While working on this PLO, I noticed that it is possible to attain all of the criteria in a single assignment. With this in mind, I understand why Professor Dortch would ask us to create it and save it with the rest of our work. I can appreciate how this assignment can be used to meet the needs of new generations and those who have special interests in media and performing arts. This could be a way to incorporate such interests into other projects in my own classroom or educational profession. I remember going through it and although it was something that most of us had not done before, we worked together and came up with a creative plan that we all enjoyed. It was so much fun working on the voice overs because we had to come up with a tone that we don’t use on a daily basis. It reminded me of a flight attendant's tone but that is exactly what we were trying to do. We wanted to create a realistic video with a friendly and descriptive language that anyone would feel comfortable and interested in.